Metal Heat Treating Services

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Through Hardening

(Q&T, or quench & tempered) Many Carbon steels, Alloy Steels, Tool Steels and Stainless Steels can be through hardened to increase hardness and tensile strength.


Almost all steels that are sub­jected to any type of hardening process are tempered. Tempering decrease hardness and strength (tensile and yield) while increasing ductility and toughness.

Case Hardening

Case hardening produces a hard, wear-resistant surface layer, or case, on top of a ductile core..

Stress Relieving

Stress relieving is done to remove stresses caused by the many types of manufacturing processes (Machining, bending, turning, milling, welding)



Normalizing helps reduce internal stresses caused by forging, casting, machining, forming and welding. Normalizing homogenizes the grain structure and aides in the response to hardening.


Annealing is a process to soften a part to improve its machinability and its microstructure for secondary operations

Testing & Certification

We can perform hardness testing, case depth and microstructural analysis and provide charts and certification upon request.


Are you in the research and development phase of producing a new product? We can help with information and advice on material selection and process costing. Contact us for more information!