Metal Heat Treating Services

Metal Heat treating

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Through Hardening

Material can be through hardened (Q&T, or quench & tempered) to increase hardness and tensile strength.  This process can optimise strength and toughness in alloy steels such as 4140 and 4340.

Case Hardening

This process is used for carbon steel applications and is typically used for gears, pinions, wear plates and die forms.


Stress Relieving

Thermal stress relief strengthens steel and iron components. Metals Engineering’s stress-relieving steel process reduces the level of residual molecular stress by heating the material uniformly to a suitable temperature, and then slowly cooling it to minimize the development of new stress.


Appropriate for: ferrous alloys, such as steel or cast iron


Testing & Certification

As required, we can perform hardness testing of all hardened parts, case depth/core hardness testing for case hardened parts, microstructural analysis, process review through time/temperature charts, etc.


Are you in the research and development phase of producing a new product? We can help with information and advice on material selection and process costing. Contact us for more information!